About us - Space2

At Space2 we have a passion for the arts.

Clearly, we don’t do it all by ourselves – there’s our partners, including, local schools, community projects and public agencies. But it’s the communities and individuals we work with, who often overcome many challenges to attend a project, that never cease to amaze us.

Once through the door, taking part in the creative process starts to create change, from learning to knit and helping make the largest picnic blanket in Leeds or clearing out their closets with performance poet, Michelle Scally Clarke to singing in a community choir and film making. It builds skills and confidence, experience and aspirations. It’s fun and non-threatening. Anyone can take part – we’re not looking to find the next Damien Hirst or poet laureate, but most are surprised at what they can achieve. And that growing self-belief is where the journey begins.

Next comes stronger social networks, improved emotional well-being, regular physical exercise and weight loss, returning to school or moving on to college, better communication with family, accessing local services or simply setting and achieving small personal goals.

That’s why, for Space2, the arts can change lives and we continue to promote arts projects as part of the solution in some of Leeds’ most challenged neighbourhoods and to address entrenched issues for communities and cities.

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