Case Study - Katie - Space2

Space2 Committed to Young People – Katie’s Success Story

Katie joined the Space2 team back in January 2011, supported initially by the Future Jobs Fund.She doesn’t mind us saying that the interview was an emotional affair, as not only was Katie incredibly nervous and low in confidence she had also got lost on the way and was pretty stressed.However, she clearly had a lot of skills and potential and was appointed to the post of Trainee Administrator, her first job since leaving University.

It was soon apparent that Katie had many hidden talents and she became our in-house designer, creating most of our print over the year in addition to her administrative duties.Her abilities as a designer really benefited the organisation with project flyers, performance postcards, newsletters and reports all getting a make-over, leading to much conversation and admiration amongst other organisations.

Whilst at Space2 Katie didn’t just stay in the office she was given the opportunity to support delivery of some of young people’s projects and was asked for by name for future projects with at least one of our partners. This was a far cry from the very shy, quiet person who sat quietly behind her desk anxious about using the phone or speaking in a Company meeting, when she first joined our team.Her confidence just grew and grew and she finally plucked up the courage to phone a local college to continue her CAD training – something she said she simply would not have done without the confidence gained whilst working at Space2.

And after 18 months with Space2, Katie landed herself a great second job with a Leeds based marketing and design company, further developing her design and administrative track record.

Well done Katie!

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Space2 and learnt so much. I had the opportunity to be part of the Olympic Torch Celebrations and the City’s Jubilee visit at close hand, which was fantastic. But mostly, what I’ve realised when I look back, is how much I have grown as a person and a professional – confidence, skills, experience. It’s put me on a much better footing to get the job of my dreams in the future. If I was given the chance to work for Space2 again I would jump at the opportunity.”

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