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Clear Out Your Closet

Clear Out Your Closet is a series of creative activities, poetry writing, social support and signposting led by acclaimed poet Michelle Scally Clarke. Participants explore their own thoughts and feelings to help let go of the past and move forward.

Days, times and venues to be confirmed

Contact Emma Goodway: for more information and to book a place


JUMBLES Community Shop – Henry Barran Centre

Volunteer run community shop providing clothes, book and toys at low prices to local people.

Term time only – Thursday afternoons 1pm – 3pm drop-in

Contact Sally Nutman: 07503002595 for more information

Back Jumbles Shop


Light Night – Art Runs (October 2017)

Light Night Leeds Art Runs – open to everyone in the city, runners festooned in glowsticks have fun on a family run or a 5km run (ages 16+) around Light Night Leeds installations. Space2 participants work with an artist to create their own installation and dress up to see the art and be the art on the night.

Days, times and venues to be confirmed

Contact Emma Goodway: for more information


Social Connecting (Oakwood Lane Medical Practice)

The role of the social connector at Oakwood Lane Medical Practice is to support patients referred by GPs to access information and support to address health issues such as:

  • Isolation
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Money managing
  • Housing matters
  • Accessing activities (walking groups, coffee morning, cooking classes etc.)
  • Issues related to mental health
  • Setting goals to improve life in general

Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only – contact Oakwood Lane Medical Practice 0113 295 3750 for more information


Social Connecting (Community)

The role of the social connector in the community is to help clients who do not often access GP services to access information and support to address health issues such as:

  • Isolation
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Money managing
  • Housing matters
  • Accessing to activities (walking groups, coffee morning, cooking classes etc.)
  • Issues related to mental health
  • Setting goals to improve life in general

The social connector holds one-to-one sessions at the Henry Barran Centre in Gipton and at LS14 Trust and occasionally at other venues in the Seacroft and Gipton areas.

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons by appointment only. Contact Sally Nutman: 07503002595



Better Together – ENE Leeds

The Orion consortium has been successful in securing £347,000 per year for the next three years from LCC Public Health to provide a Locality Community Health Development and Information Service known as Better Together

The partners consisting of Feel Good Factor, Space2, Zest – Health for Life, Shantona and Touchstone will work seamlessly and collaboratively across East North East Leeds.  Collectively the consortium has over 70 years’ experience of using person centred and community centred approaches; engaging, informing, inspiring, connecting and empowering people to take positives actions to transform their health and wellbeing.

The focus is to address the impact of the wider determinants of health and all activities delivered will directly contribute to at least one of the four key outcomes of the service which are to :

  • Build social capital
  • Increase resilience/reduce dependency
  • Reduce health inequalities
  • Promote healthier lifestyles

Information on exciting projects coming soon –please contact Emma Goodway for more information.


‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seacroft’ – Blog by Boff Whalley

February 2017

It seems like half a lifetime ago that me and Jane started walking around this vast, unmapped east Leeds wilderness they call Seacroft, collecting stories and ideas, bemusement and smiles. Sitting on over-sized deckchairs at summer fairs, touring the classrooms at local primary schools, drinking endless cups of tea with all sorts of lovely folk in community centres, village halls and cafes up and down and around the estate.

Half a lifetime later and here we are with a script, a cast and a fast-approaching date for the big Seacroft showtime extravaganza to be performed on the big stage at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The date is July 15th and the name of the show is ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seacroft’. It’s a play, with lots of music, with dancing, with a choir of schoolkids, and with a (sort of) treasure map.

I grew up in smalltown Lancashire and so there’s always an element of awkwardness whenever I start a project in and around Leeds. I love Leeds, but I’ll always be an outsider. That’s why I’m always glad that Jane’s with me – Jane was born and raised in East Leeds so, when we’re talking to people, I can keep my gob shut and get on with catching the stories and the anecdotes, the in-jokes and the leg-pulls.

‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seacroft’ is the result – a story of magic and wonder and possibilities, all taking place in Seacroft. It draws on the area’s history and its tales. It’s made from local myths and local geography. It’s not a true story, obviously. But some of it is true. The best bits.

And now we start rehearsals. All the different groups are preparing their parts, learning their lines and their cues (I hope) and  wondering how our designer Barney George is going to dress them. Everyone’s starting to realise that this thing called ‘Oh I Do  Like To Be (yeah whatever, etc)’ is actually happening and that it’s going to be BIG and FUN. And that half of Seacroft estate will descend upon the Playhouse and join in with this celebration of a place, and that it won’t be just theatre and acting and singing and dancing – it will hopefully be about ordinary people being brilliant, together, in front of their mates. And that’ll do, won’t it?

Without giving too much away, the show tells the story of a smalltown boy on an epic journey around the gardens and ginnels of Seacroft, and involves mermaid catchers, a fairy in Dr Martens, Romeo and Juliet, the world’s worst comedian, a cricket team and the Fresh Ladies. A big story pieced together from the area’s little stories.

Right then. Enough collecting stories and drinking tea: on with the show!

Boff Whalley

Boff Jane Brian and Sarah Group



‘Hope’ – A New Animated Film, Aimed at Raising Awareness of Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Young People

A new animated film, aimed at raising awareness of emotional health and wellbeing in young people, is touring primary and secondary schools across Leeds.

The film project is being led by Shantona Women’s Centre in Leeds which works to promote better health within the community, in partnership with Space2 and Allerton Grange Secondary School.

The animation, entitled ‘Hope’, has been created by a group of 20 Year 8 girls from Allerton Grange and explores issues around bullying, peer pressure, domestic violence, identity, poor self image and mental health. This animation is not based on the story tellers experience.

Staff from Space2 and  Shantona  have been working with the girls running a series of workshops to generate ideas and a script for the film, which will be shown in schools across and community settings in the city.

The girls were given the time and space to develop their ideas and build trust.  All the members of the group were invited to get involved in the creation of the animation,  writing the script and creating the images  as part of the process.  They have also learned how to design and market a poster for the film and created flyers to distribute around Leeds schools and communities

Project Manager, Jelena Zindovic, from Space2 said:

“The girls have created a truly unique animation with a really powerful message. This project has helped them to build their confidence, developed their leadership skills and explore their creative abilities.”

In addition the young women have written poems, with the support of performance poet Michelle Scally Clarke.

Emma Tregidden, Creative Director of Space2, said:

“We are so excited that the film will be getting a public launch and will be seen in schools across Leeds. This project will help young people and the community understand emotional health and wellbeing issues better and increase their understanding of what makes a healthy relationship.”

The animated film is just part of a larger project called ‘Asroy’ (which means safe haven) run by Shantona Women’s Centre in partnership with Space2.

The Chief Executive of Shatona,  Nahid Rasool, said:

“We want to help young people take control of their lives, challenge negative behaviour and give them the tools and techniques to do so. Everything we do is about education and awareness so that we can support young people to live independently and safely.”

The film has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund and is touring to Leeds schools with an in-depth resource pack for teachers.

You can book free inset training and a workshop for your school or community group.

The free package offer includes:

• Inset training for staff and/or shorter meetings with staff
• Animation viewing , domestic abuse, emotional health and wellbeing workshop
• Resource pack

For more information contact Shantona Women’s Centre on:
0113 249 7120
or email Kat on:

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