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Raising Awareness about the Overuse of Antibiotics

In the follow up to ‘World Antibiotics Awareness Week’ (14-20 November), a new animated film, aimed at raising awareness of the overuse of antibiotics is about to be made available to primary and secondary schools across Leeds.

The film, called ‘Antibiotics’ has been created by Year 7 pupils at the David Young Community Academy in Leeds with the support of former Chumbawamba musician, Boff Whalley and Jelena Zindovic.

Space2 has been working with pupils from Years 7 and 8 to get a greater understanding of their views on antibiotics, before delivering workshops where the children helped to produce lyrics for a song to accompany the animation.

The pupils were given the time and space to develop their ideas and come up with voiceovers for the film, as well as working alongside Boff to write lyrics which would engage with their own age group.

They also helped to create a radio jingle, using aspects of the song they had written, and a postcard to promote the film which is being sent out to schools and used on Space2 Leeds You-Tube channel.

Project Manager, Jelena Zindovic, from Space2 said:

“The pupils have approached a serious subject matter in a really creative way.

“They’ve made a fantastic animation and jingle which really helps to get the message across about the overuse of antibiotics.”

Resistance to antibiotics is becoming a widespread problem and ‘Antibiotics’ encourages people to stop and think before running to their GP with a simple cold or sore throat.

Emma Tregidden, Creative Director of Space2, said:

“This project has helped the children to use their own creativity to put out an important public health message, as well as building their confidence, and developing their creative skills.

“It will help other young people to understand the issues around the overuse of antibiotics.”

The film has been funded by Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and will be touring to Leeds schools throughout the autumn.

To book the film for your school or your community group, contact Gillian Chapman from Leeds North CCG  on

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Light Night Art Runs 2016

Through our Light Night Art Runs Space2 makes a special contribution to the colour and fun of Light Night Leeds. Since 2012, we’ve worked in partnership with award-winning Leeds bloggers, Veggie Runners, who organise fitness events with a twist. Together, we produce , a riot of fun, colour and healthy activity on Light Night.

light nigh leeds art runs, space2 light night

For Light Night Art Runs 2016, artist Carine Brosse was commissioned to work with the Fresh Ladies, one of our community groups. Together, they developed the concept of being guardians of the universe, as super-women protecting us all. Obviously, such super heroes require glittery capes and massive lanterns so the ladies all worked together to design their costumes for the event.


As you can see, they looked spectacular!


We did two Art Runs events on Light Night Leeds this year. One was a 2.5km Family Run/Walk, the other a 5km run. The events started at Leeds College of Music, where every year everyone festoons – and we mean absolutely covers! – themselves in glow sticks and face paints. Then we all grab our neon maracas and we’re good to go!


Once everyone looked dressed to dazzle, we had a mass warm up on the steps of the West Yorkshire Playhouse, led by Jayne from Veggie Runners to a bongo beat. Then we set off into the night, the runners going in one direction, the family run/walkers in another.


The aim of Light Night Art Runs is for participants to see the art and be the art. There are art installations all over the city centre and we plan the routes carefully so the runners and run/walkers can see as many of these as possible. As they do this, they’re also part of the entertainment for the crowds. The Art Runs have become a feature in the annual Light Night programme, with spectators out for the evening cheering participants as they snake along the streets.



The family run/walk ended in front of the City Art Gallery, where there was a light wall for them to write a special welcome message for the runners. We’ll be the first to admit it’s a logistical challenge leading two events in different directions through a packed city centre but it all worked like clockwork.

space-2-light-night-lizziecoombes-2106-33 space-2-light-night-lizziecoombes-2106-35

Light Night Art Runs are joyous events, full of fun and laughter. It’s all part of Space2’s remit to promote healthy, happy communities. If you’d like to take part next year, join our mailing list (at the bottom of this page) for updates.

All photos copyright Lizzie Coombes

Light Night Art Runs 2017 were funded by Arts Council England and Leeds City Council

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Register for FREE Light Night Art Runs

Space2 are delighted to work with award-winning bloggers, Veggie Runners, and artist Carine Brosse on Light Night Art Runs 2016. To take part in this amazingly fun, free, active event, see below for full details and click the green button to register.



New Poster

Suitcase is a new resource to support Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and achieving milestones for young people set out in the City’s Emotional health and Wellbeing priorities for young people.  It bring an innovative approach to encourage young people to talk about their feelings, whilst addressing issues of stigma often experienced by young people with mental health problems and offers practical information and ideas for both teachers and young people.


  • .. a one woman show, written and performed by Michelle Scally Clarke
  • A 40 minute workshop including Q&A session with the young people
  • A Resource Pack for Teachers


  • To give teachers increased confidence to have conversations with pupils about mental health
  • To encourage young people to talk about their feelings
  • To provide an engaging and relevant resource for Year 8 & 9 pupils and teachers to learn about mental health and mental health stigma
  • To offer pupils examples of coping strategies to improve emotional wellbeing and identifying support that is available for young people with mental health issues

The performance, workshop and resource pack has been created in consultation with Time to Change Leeds and young people with lived experience of mental health issues.


Suitcase… is about Molly a teenager who has anxiety, social anxiety and an emerging personality disorder.  Molly has a ghost twin, Lara, who died at birth.  Lara is a happy go lucky character and talks to Molly.

It’s Molly’s first day at a new school, after being bullied at her last school because of her mental health issues.  She arrives late with her suitcase, having just returned from a two week residential at a young people’s mental health treatment centre in Scotland.

Through a process of free writing Molly is able to tell her new classmates about her mental health and her experiences on the residential.

Throughout the performance Molly refers to certain labels often used to stigmatise people with mental health and quotes expressing how she feels, which have been researched with Shout Out – Leeds young voices on mental health – a group of young people with lived experiences of mental health.

Behaviour likely to have been experienced by most young people is also talked about including low self-esteem, ‘rages’ and difficulty getting out of bed, whilst the show concludes with a Rap, highlighting the one in four statistic (people who will experience mental health issues in the course of a year) and her journey of learning to cope and not being labelled and stigmatised.

Suitcase…  is a one woman show, designed to be performed in a classroom setting.


Resource Pack Goal:

To give teachers and support workers the confidence to have a conversation with their classes about mental health


The pack will include:

  • Information and themes for teachers about 4-5 core concepts about mental health and stigma against mental health
  • Learning objectives for young people through the conversations about mental health
  • Learning that it’s OK to talk about mental health and to ask for help
  • Learning that often the best place to ask for help is your GP
  • Learning about the link between mind and body, physical and mental health
  • Learning what empathy is, and how valuable it is to ask how your friends are feeling, and to listen to them (checking in)
  • Understanding the concept of everyone experiencing the same ‘bank of emotions’
  • Signposting, local and internet based



Suitcase… requires a classroom setting or community room with access to a 13 amp plug.  Michelle will use the teacher’s desk as her performance space, facing the class.

Suitable for a group of approximately 30 pupils from Years 8 & 9.

To Book your FREE performance and workshop

Contact Emma T at Space2


T:  0113 3200159 ex 1

Suitcase…. will be touring during October and June 2016


space2_logoTime to Change Leeds


Glowing Embers: the local history of Gipton Fire Station

The Project

Gipton Fire Station, opened in 1937, closed its doors for service in autumn 2015. Gipton Fire Station is a beautiful 1930’s building and it will become, after some internal building work, a base for a number of community organisations (including Space2) and a centre for community activity. Gipton Fire Station has played a really significant role in the local community for the last 75 years, from its establishment in 1937 to the present; current and ex staff, their families and local residents have memories of the station being used for dances, events and community activities as well as Emergency Service. We want to ensure the relationship between the people who worked and lived here and this iconic building are recorded and shared.

By Lizzie Coombes

We will work with West Yorkshire Archive, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Leeds Museum and Galleries Service, Leeds Libraries and current and ex fire officers and local residents to identify key moments and characters in the history of the Fire Station; we will then use several methods to capture these memories so they can be shared more widely; and then work with local people to develop interpretation which will be displayed in the Fire Station when it re-opens in Spring 2017. Throughout the process we will film the activity undertaken and there will be significant digital material generated and made available through the project and at its close to ensure wider access then and in the future.

We will launch the project with an event we are calling ‘The Last Dance’. This will be a social event, focusing on engaging local people and creating a buzz about being involved with the Community Research and future projects and the Fire Station and will feature the Fire Service brass bands, to mark the closure of the station and its new future. We will also use this event as an opportunity to collect stories, using a video box to gather memories. We also aim to inspire a small number of community members to put themselves forward as community researchers, who will then work with an experienced researcher over the following six months.

Community Researchers will support the research of the history of the Gipton Fire Station within the communities it served and explore museums and archives, as well as collect oral histories through Show and Tell sessions. Outreach sessions will take place in schools and community settings, asking local people to ‘Show and Tell’ with artefacts they own which link into the story of the station. These artefacts will form the core of our SMART (Social Museum and Art) Gallery, with photographs taken throughout the project.

Children will co create a song and the core cast from Gipton The Musical a mini-drama creating oral histories, sharing heritage in accessible and exciting ways. The project will culminate in an exhibition which will re-launch the new Fire Station as a community resource for the future.  We will co-curate a SMART (Social Museum and Art Gallery) Museum with artist Helen Peynton.  Residents will donate artefacts relating to the Fire Station.  The significance of objects displayed is based purely on people’s attachments or the stories behind the objects. Residents will be invited to label and display their object, and have a photograph taken with it, to create a museum on-line and at the Fire Station.

By By Lizzie Coombes

By By Lizzie Coombes

 The SMART Gallery

Anyone can submit something they consider relevant to the history of the Fire Station, whether that is an ornament, a self-penned poem, family heirloom, found object, self -portrait.  Anything. Everything is considered for display and the entire exhibition depends on people’s desire to share with other exhibition visitors their special possessions.  Artefacts with a back-story are especially welcome. Community members will be invited to label and help to display their object, and have a photograph taken with it in pride of place in the gallery.

Community Researchers will have opportunities to visit other exhibitions and Heritage projects to learn about different ways the artefacts and stories could be exhibited.  They will then work alongside the artist to co-design our Burning Embers exhibition, which will be on display at Space2’s new base at the old Gipton Fire Station at the end of the project in Winter 2016/17.

The project has been funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please listen to 102 East Leeds FM – A Day in the Life of a Fire Fighter  – radio recording by Laura Taylor.

For more information or if you would like to be a community researcher contact EmmaT 0113 214 0113 320 0159 ex 1





Speak Up for Men’s Health!

Orion participants and partners join forces for Men’s Health Week

The Orion Partnership’s Well Man Programme has had a fantastic Men’s Health Week that featured a bike-powered cinema, a broadcast on BBC Leeds and contributing to the launch of a groundbreaking report on men’s health.

Space2 Men’s Group at Chapel FM

Space2 Men’s Group at Chapel FM

Space2’s very own Derek Green (above, right), who attends their men’s group in Seacroft, was without doubt the star of the week with his eloquent account of his own journey through depression – from  suicidal thoughts and rage through to calm reflection and continued recovery .

Listen to his BBC Leeds interview here:  Our section starts at 1:46:47.

The video which he recorded, for the launch of the State of Men’s Health in Leeds Report, is here: (Click on Derek Green)

He also joined Space2 Men’s Group on Chapel FM to talk about how they have dealt with stress:

The State of Men’s Health in Leeds Report Launch (l to r) Tim Taylor (Leeds City Council Commissioner), Ian Cameron (Dir, Public Health); Damian Dawtry (Orion Partnership), Dr Amanda Seims, Prof Alan White (Leeds Beckett University Centre for Men’s Health)

The State of Men’s Health in Leeds Report Launch (l to r) Tim Taylor (Leeds City Council Commissioner), Ian Cameron (Dir, Public Health); Damian Dawtry (Orion Partnership), Dr Amanda Seims, Prof Alan White (Leeds Beckett University Centre for Men’s Health)

Our Men’s Insight and Development Worker also contributed to the question-and-answer panel at the launch of the State of Men’s Health in Leeds Report as “the voice of the Third Sector”, and featured on the same BBC show as Derek, working on a men’s health phone-in alongside Prof White, the UK’s leading authority on men’s health.


Damian and Derek were reunited once again at Chapel FM alongside some other members of the Space2 Men’s Group, for a similar programme on men’s health. We also brought with us Errol Murray (above, right), the volunteer coordinator of the Leeds Dads group.

Inside the Cinema with popcorn

Bird Box Building

Den building

Erecting the Geodome Cinema

Erecting the Geodome Cinema

On Wednesday we held a successful event at East Leeds Cricket Club – “Lunch Out for Men’s Health Week”– featuring a bicycle-powered cinema and a popular bird box building activity. Men from our Health Gateway groups and elsewhere came for an afternoon of fun and to learn more about men’s health.

The Orion Well Man Programme continues to develop new ways to engage men and to support them with their health and wellbeing, as well as supporting and delivering the Health Gateway and Space2 men’s groups.

Click here for more info on the project or contact Damian Dawtry on 07981 755328 or


The Orion Partnership marks Men’s Health Week

Join us for Men’s Health Week 12th – 19th June!

Lunch Out!

Wednesday 15th June 1:30 – 5pm.

Come and grab your free popcorn and nacho snack and join us in our special “Lunch Out” [link] event featuring a pedal-powered cinema inside a Geodome! We will be showing films such as Kes and Goonies – designed to appeal to a male audience! There will also be burd box building, free nachos and chilli, and den building for families. It’s taking place on Wednesday 15th June, 1:30-5pm, at East Leeds Cricket Club, Pontefract Lane (see flyer)

Tune In!

Thursday 15th June 10:30-11:30am

Tune in on Thursday 16th June, 10:30 – 11:30 am, to BBC Leeds (92.4FM / 774AM) and join us for a live phone-in on men’s health. Alongside our own Men’s worker Damian Dawtry, you can also pose questions to Professor Alan White (Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Beckett University) and Timothy Taylor, from Public Health, who commissioned the report. We will also be joined by Derek Green, from our very own Space2 Men’s Group in Seacroft!

Firday 16th June 6 – 7pm.

And if you miss that, then tune in again to Chapel FM [ – link]) where men from the Space2’s Men’s Group, as well as Errol Murray from Leeds Dads, will join other guests for a music and discussion show about men’s health.

During Men’s Health Week we are also proud to be taking part in the launch of the “State of Men’s Health in Leeds” report, on Monday 13th June. There, our Men’s Insight and Development Worker will be joining a question and answer forum alongside Professor White and Timothy Taylor.

Please join us at the Orion Partnership for these exciting events and make Men’s Health Week a week to remember!

Don’t forget that we also have our four men’s groups running in East Leeds that you can join. There is the Space2 Men’s Group [link] in Seacroft and the three Health Gateway groups [link] in Gipton, Compton Road area and Cross Green.

If you want to find out more about Men’s Health Week or the Orion Well Man Programme as a whole, then please contact Damian Dawtry on 07981 755328 or


World War 1 Film With Allerton Primary

This year we’re working with Allerton Primary School on a World War 1 theme. We’ve been lucky to secure some excellent partners for the project including Leeds Beckett University Graphic Design and Film School students, Leeds Libraries and Museums placement, Laura Varley based at Armley Mills and professional artist and writer, Joe Williams.
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