Case Study - David - Space2

From Shy and Retiring to Singing Success

David, a grandfather living on the Seacroft Estate found out about Voices of the Day choir, a Space2 project set up in 2010, through a Space2 project worker who promoted the project at the local church.It was actually his 14 year old grandson, John, who suggested they join the choir.At first David was reluctant, believing he couldn’t sing and always anxious about trying new things.But encouraged by his grandchildren, David started attending along with John and 9 year old grand-daughter Becky.It took a little while to overcome his fears, but David has now been singing for nearly 2 years.

David suffered a heart attack ten years ago and needs to avoid stress given his medical history.But because of a stutter and extreme shyness he often kept himself to himself and found he bottled up his emotions.Singing has really helped David to relax.He feels happier, is more confident and has a new attitude to life.

The benefits haven’t stopped at David either.Becky has thrived at the choir.From being a very sad child who was shy, anxious and being bullied at school, she is now happy, relaxed and confident.“In fact now we just can’t get her to stop talking,” David said, “and she has learnt how to deal with the bullying and talked with a teacher, so it’s stopped. Her mum can’t believe it’s the same daughter. And John has discovered a hidden talent, I didn’t realise just how good a singer he is.”

“I had no idea that singing could make someone happy, but being at choir has changed my life a lot.I’ve got over my shyness, I do things I wouldn’t have done before, in fact I’ve even started dancing!I’ve become more involved in my local church, I’m more relaxed, which is helping me to look after myself and seeing everyone else happy helps me to relax too”.

The highlights of David’s year were singing with 240 other local choir members in front of 17500 people at Leeds City Olympic Torch Celebrations at Temple Newsam and for the Queen as part of her Jubilee tour.But most importantly, David feels through his singing is able to give back to his community and family, he can better look after himself and he is modelling healthy behaviour to his grandchildren.

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