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What is Fresh?

Watch this brief video to find out all about Fresh, what it is, who it reaches and how it works.


What Fresh training  resources are available?

Space2 provides the following training resources for Fresh projects:

  • A ‘how to’ guide to leading Fresh
  • An outline schedule to share with staff so that they have a week-by-week overview
  • Weekly session plans to guide staff through the project
  • A template for the final closing meeting.

Do the volunteers need certain skills to join the project?

Yes. Although the delivery can be fun, the messages shared are important and volunteers need some training to be able to work comfortably within the community.  Our volunteers attended some local short training programmes on community development basics to help them deliver more effectively and understand how their roles complemented other activity and services happening in the neighbourhood.

Do you offer training courses to support delivery of Fresh projects by other organisations?

Yes, Space2 can provide training to help you deliver Fresh projects in the best way for your organisation and the people you work with. Our one-day training workshop is normally delivered in Leeds but our experienced trainer can come to you if required.

Contact Dawn Fuller for more information.

I’d like to run a Fresh project. What do I do now?

Please fill in the registration form at the bottom of this page. Someone from Space2 will  contact you as soon as possible to discuss delivering Fresh projects in your organisation.

Contact information

For more information about Fresh projects and to enquire about training resources, please enter your details below.



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