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Promoting knowledge and openness about mental health in schools and youth groups through campaigns co-produced by young people on schools and youth settings.

1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem and 90% of those young people will experience stigma and discrimination, either indirectly or through bullying.  Stigma stops young people seeking help; it stops them living normal lives, and sometimes it makes them give up on their hopes and dreams.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We want young people who experience any mental health problems to receive support and understanding from those around them. We want all young people to grow up knowing that it’s ok to talk about mental health.

The Open Minds Project trains young people to become mental health champions. The project will include workshops focusing on mental health awareness, stigma and campaigning with input and support from volunteers who have lived experience of mental health problems and campaigning. The group would also be supported in using digital and offline versions of ‘MindMaze’ – a game designed and developed by young people to encourage open conversation about mental health.

The young people can work with a local artist to produce a creative campaign resource to promote the key messages of the project. Here are a few examples of the work that has been co created.

Allerton Grange School created an installation based on the theme of islands sited in a popular area of school to create a relaxed environment for conversations about mental health.

Abbey Grange planned and delivered assemblies for the whole school including personal testimonies from students who had volunteered to share their experience of health problems.

Carr Manor created a drama piece that focused on the impact of stigmatising language and the benefits of holding simple, relaxed conversations about mental health which was performed to the whole school.

Middleton Youth Service (South Leeds Youth Hub) commissioned flyers to distribute amongst their peers using photographs they created on the theme of listening and being a good friend.

If you would like more information or to book the Open Minds Project to be delivered in your school or youth setting please contact or

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