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Suitcase is a new resource to support Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and achieving milestones for young people set out in the City’s Emotional health and Wellbeing priorities for young people.  It bring an innovative approach to encourage young people to talk about their feelings, whilst addressing issues of stigma often experienced by young people with mental health problems and offers practical information and ideas for both teachers and young people.


  • .. a one woman show, written and performed by Michelle Scally Clarke
  • A 40 minute workshop including Q&A session with the young people
  • A Resource Pack for Teachers


  • To give teachers increased confidence to have conversations with pupils about mental health
  • To encourage young people to talk about their feelings
  • To provide an engaging and relevant resource for Year 8 & 9 pupils and teachers to learn about mental health and mental health stigma
  • To offer pupils examples of coping strategies to improve emotional wellbeing and identifying support that is available for young people with mental health issues

The performance, workshop and resource pack has been created in consultation with Time to Change Leeds and young people with lived experience of mental health issues.


Suitcase… is about Molly a teenager who has anxiety, social anxiety and an emerging personality disorder.  Molly has a ghost twin, Lara, who died at birth.  Lara is a happy go lucky character and talks to Molly.

It’s Molly’s first day at a new school, after being bullied at her last school because of her mental health issues.  She arrives late with her suitcase, having just returned from a two week residential at a young people’s mental health treatment centre in Scotland.

Through a process of free writing Molly is able to tell her new classmates about her mental health and her experiences on the residential.

Throughout the performance Molly refers to certain labels often used to stigmatise people with mental health and quotes expressing how she feels, which have been researched with Shout Out – Leeds young voices on mental health – a group of young people with lived experiences of mental health.

Behaviour likely to have been experienced by most young people is also talked about including low self-esteem, ‘rages’ and difficulty getting out of bed, whilst the show concludes with a Rap, highlighting the one in four statistic (people who will experience mental health issues in the course of a year) and her journey of learning to cope and not being labelled and stigmatised.

Suitcase…  is a one woman show, designed to be performed in a classroom setting.


Resource Pack Goal:

To give teachers and support workers the confidence to have a conversation with their classes about mental health


The pack will include:

  • Information and themes for teachers about 4-5 core concepts about mental health and stigma against mental health
  • Learning objectives for young people through the conversations about mental health
  • Learning that it’s OK to talk about mental health and to ask for help
  • Learning that often the best place to ask for help is your GP
  • Learning about the link between mind and body, physical and mental health
  • Learning what empathy is, and how valuable it is to ask how your friends are feeling, and to listen to them (checking in)
  • Understanding the concept of everyone experiencing the same ‘bank of emotions’
  • Signposting, local and internet based



Suitcase… requires a classroom setting or community room with access to a 13 amp plug.  Michelle will use the teacher’s desk as her performance space, facing the class.

Suitable for a group of approximately 30 pupils from Years 8 & 9.

To Book your FREE performance and workshop

Contact Emma T at Space2


T:  0113 3200159 ex 1

Suitcase…. will be touring during October and June 2016


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