What we do - Space2

Health and Wellbeing

The links between the arts and improved health and well-being are intrinsic at so many levels and increasingly there’s excellent research and documentation to prove the point.But we’d like to invite you to take a closer look at some of Space2’s projects and outcomes.

Most of our projects are at least a year long and all are facilitated by artists and support workers who have extensive experience of working with challenged communities and vulnerable young people and adults.

We work across all artforms including visual art, music, film, performance poetry, crafts often taking a modular approach to address different needs and enable everyone to discover a strength.

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Our areas of focus include:

Well-being and health – building social networks, health awareness and skills and knowledge to break habits and choose healthier lifestyles and using health services appropriately from screening facilities and walk4life to GP and dentist registration

Community development – raising self-confidence and resilience to support communities to build on their strengths and find solutions to local need

Young people

Space2 and its team have a wealth of experience of working with young people in Leeds and specialise in projects that support vulnerable or challenging young people to make important changes in their lives.

Having the arts as a focus, and partnerships with artists, from diverse artforms, who are passionate about working with young people, has led to many successsful projects and stories of young lives changing for the better.They engage through the arts as a first stepand are able to take part in activities that raise self-esteem and aspirations, connect them with new experiences and skills and, ofcourse,have fun and make new friends along the way.

The projects take different shapes from holiday projects to regular evening sessions, whilst Tracker, combine school support with after-school creative sessions and holiday projects and trips.

We’ve even been showcased on the ENYAN – English National Youth Arts Network website in support of their Youth Arts Transforms Lives campaign.

Young People and mental health – supporting young people experiencing mental health issues to tell their story and build a better understanding with their peers and communities

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